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Products in the Smart package:

  • Quick Deployment

    Install MyQ in 15 minutes or less! Our Web UI guides you through the automated printer discovery...

  • Device management

    Central management and reporting of printer & MFP activity...

  • Mobile Print

    Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) will give you and your visitors an amazing freedom of movement...

  • Secure Print

    End-to-end Security rules out the risk of a security breach for any device you use...

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Who will benefit from MyQ X Smart

Any organization operating printers and MFPs (multifunctional printers) wishing to monitor printing costs, secure data and use driverless (mobile) printing. MyQ X Smart is easy to deploy – just follow a few steps.

Mike (IT Specialist)

Mike (IT Specialist)

Mike has e-mail notifications enabled in the MyQ Admin Web UI, so he gets a heads-up when toner or paper is running low anywhere in his printer fleet.

Sophie (Office manager, CEO Assistant)

Sophie (Office manager, CEO Assistant)

Sophie prints the CEO's sensitive documents using a job queue specifically customized to add watermarks on every printed page, making their confidential nature visible at first glance.

Noah (Student)

Noah (Student)

Noah has forgotten his laptop at home, without sending his essay to the print queue. Luckily he can access it on his Google Drive – which he uses on all devices – and print it with the MyQ Mobile App.

Ms. Mia (Teacher)

Ms. Mia (Teacher)

Ms. Mia wants to be sure the tests she is sending to the hallway printer aren't accidentally picked up by a student, so she uses MyQ mobile print to release the job with her smartphone when she gets to the printer.

Dr. Daniel (Physician)

Dr. Daniel (Physician)

Dr. Daniel knows he can entrust MyQ with all of his patients' sensitive personal data, because they are protected with encryption throughout all stages of any printing process.

How is MyQ X Smart supported?

MyQ X Smart is an entry edition suitable also for commercial use, which means that MyQ provides general software assurance. This covers downloading updates and patches, and seeking technical advice at the MyQ Community moderated forum. After registering into MyQ Community, MyQ SMART will allow you to download additional modules – SMART Job Manager, SMART Print Services, and the MyQ Mobile Print Agent for setting up Mopria and Air Print in your organization.

In addition to software assurance, once you upgrade to MyQ Enterprise or Ultimate, you will also get access to MyQ’s support helpdesk via your MyQ Certified Partner.

Get advanced MyQ features

Give your users the best possible experience – like the fully personalized device UI (MyQ Embedded Terminal), Pull Print, Easy Scan functions, and much more – all you need to do is upgrade to MyQ X Enterprise Edition which also receives full support of your dedicated MyQ Certified Professional. To make full use of MyQ’s cutting-edge document workflow, upgrade to MyQ X Ultimate Edition. Try the benefits first-hand in our online showcase.


How can I install MyQ SMART on my site?

Simply download the MyQ SMART Edition from this page, the main MyQ main website or the MyQ Community portal. The installation package contains a step-by-step user guide that will assist you through the installation and setup.

How many devices can run under the SMART Edition?

MyQ SMART Edition supports an unlimited number of printers in your fleet.

Which device models / vendors does MyQ SMART support?

MyQ SMART Edition supports a vast majority of printer models available on the market.

After how long does the SMART license expire?

The free license is activated for one year, with the option of extension towards the end or upgrade to an Enterprise license at any point.

What is the difference between MyQ SMART and the MyQ Enterprise trial editions?

The MyQ Enterprise trial is the full featured print management solution including our innovative, customizable embedded terminals. The trial runs for 60 days. The MyQ SMART Edition lasts for 1 year, but comes without embedded terminals or support (more precisely, SW updates are available, but SW Assurance is not – meaning there is no access to helpdesk). To know more, contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our Certified Partners! 

How can I upgrade from MyQ SMART to Enterprise?

If you are interested in the MyQ Enterprise Edition, please fill in this inquiry form. We will make sure your MyQ Certified Partner provides the implementation for you.

What is the difference between MyQ SMART and the former Business and Business Pro editions?

The editions previously known as Business/Business Pro covered the same functions that MyQ SMART covers now, except for helpdesk support (i.e. SW Assurance).

How can I migrate from the former Business Pro to SMART?

You can easily download the latest version of MyQ SMART from this page, the main MyQ website or the MyQ Community portal and install it. To complete the migration, you need to remove old licenses from the print server. Please contact your MyQ Certified Partner or reach us at

Can I install MyQ remotely?

As long as you have access to the server hosting MyQ SMART with the appropriate rights, MyQ SMART can be configured remotely and quickly from the MyQ Web Admin user interface, there is no part to install on printers.

I have no use for embedded terminals and want to use MyQ to monitor devices, which corresponds to the former Business Pro old license, but I still want support – how does that work?

The MyQ-moderated Community forum offers a large range of topics and solutions to other customers' technical issues, so you can always search there first. If you need professional support of your MyQ Certified Partner and/or MyQ support helpdesk, you will have to upgrade to MyQ Enterprise Edition, which is suitable for professional use without any compromise. 

How can I use scanning?

To use scanning, you will need an upgrade to the MyQ Enterprise or MyQ Ultimate Edition. Please fill in this inquiry form. We will make sure your MyQ Certified Partner contacts you to assist with this.

Where can I get the MyQ Mobile App?

Download it for free from either App Store  or Google Play.

Can I print from my mobile device without downloading the MyQ Mobile App?

Yes, you can submit print jobs using iOS AirPrint or Android Mopria. The only pre-requisite is installing the MyQ Mobile Print Agent on your server. It is available from the MyQ Community portal. Android users will need to download the Mopria Print Service app from Google Play in order to print.

Where can I see my credit balance?

Depending on the setup by your IT administrator, you should be able to view and recharge your credit in your MyQ Web UI.

Can MyQ Smart help reduce costs?

Yes! Every MyQ edition can help you not only reduce costs, but save a lot of time as well. You can keep track of costs with MyQ's high level device monitoring, enabling quotas/credit for users, adding printing policies, using an array of available reports to identify problematic areas, and more.

You can also take a look at our customers' success stories for inspiration!

Is my language supported?

MyQ is localized in 33 languages. It is very likely that yours is among them :)

What are MyQ clients, e.g. SMART Print Services?
MyQ SMART allows the use of client software apps: SMART Job Manager and SMART Print Services. With these client packages (downloadable for free from MyQ Community), you can enhance your MyQ installation to enable project reporting, user identification for shared desktops, local printer monitoring and client spooling amongst other useful functions.

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